‘Lucky lips are always kissing’ is a line from a popular track sung by Cliff Richard a long time ago but the fact that this song is liked even today simply goes on to emphasize the importance of beautiful lips through generations. Lips form an important part of the face and depending on how they are handled, can make or break the appearance. If there is something that people the world over simply cannot resist, it is a pair of large uncensored lips. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with this feature and for such people the only way to draw attention to their lips would be to use bold lipstick.


Was lipstick always the same as we know it today? While the custom of sporting colored lips has been around since the days of the early civilization, lip color or the means of applying it was nowhere close to the manner in which it is handled today. During those ancient times, the definition of bold lipstick was limited solely to red color and this was achieved courtesy of natural ingredients, mostly berries. Pharaohs in Egypt were particularly conscious of their lips but no-one could match the fierceness of uncensored lips as worn by Native American tribes before going for war.


Although the use of lipstick was prevalent in colonial France, the art of truly exaggerating their lips belonged to the courtiers who would make use of bold lipstick to highlight the bow. Grecian era was another period when lip color was indulged into but its use was limited only to the theatrical arena. Over the years, as people became more inclined towards cosmetics, lipstick came to be accepted as the norm rather than being an exception Today, it forms one of the simplest forms of make-up as nothing could brighten a face more than a pair of uncensored lips in a bright hue.


For anyone who wishes to indulge in lip make-up, getting together a kit for the purpose is the first imperative step. Gone are the days when lipstick was the only weapon because in these contemporary times a pair of uncensored lips is a result of a plethora of products like lip liner and lip gloss. While it is easy to buy these accessories from online and offline stores, an aspect that is probably the most difficult entails choosing the right stuff from amidst a sea of choices. It is only after stepping into the vibrant world of make-up that women realize that acquiring bold lipstick requires a certain amount of expertise. 


Shopping can be embarked upon by selecting a bold lipstick which appears most suitable for the skin tone. In this regard most women make the mistake of trying out the lipstick on the back of their hand and often end up making the wrong choice. Fingertips are ideally suited to reflect the actual color and having found a shade it is always better to ensure that it is darker than the original color of the lips. The buyer would do well to bear in mind the fact that uncensored lips can be carried off gracefully only if it suits the skin tone of the wearer and complements her outfit. 


To acquire uncensored lips, you must first dab a thin layer of foundation on the lips and then draw an outline with a lip liner first of the upper lip followed by the lower lip. This is the time to manipulate the size of your lips because after this the lipstick is applied within the drawn lines. The first coat of bold lipstick is blotted with tissue after which another coat of lipstick is applied. These can then be transformed by applying lip gloss because gloss adds shine and luster to the lips that make them more appealing and attractive so that they are actually treated as lucky lips.

Nothing could be more alluring than a pair of uncensored lips which not only match the skin tone of the person also add to her over all style quotient. There are various must-haves to accomplish this objective like bold lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss and the user must be adept at handling all three.