Hampstead, England; 11, April 2015: Mad Lillies are the popular hairdressers London often recognized for offering unique hairstyles to suit the individual personality of their clients. The award winning hair salon is beautifully decked up with all the essential amenities that create a better sense of satisfaction among the clients. Besides, they have a portfolio of exclusive hairstyles that can significantly transform the looks and style of any man or woman visiting them. 

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The salon boasts of a team of experienced hairdressers in London that brings new hairstyles that can meet the individual styling needs of a person. The talented hair stylist, Atul maintains, “Hairstyle is very much a personal choice and it should match your personality. We endeavor to create styles that can meet one’s personality and individual style.” While Sabrina states, “Every day, we cater to men and women of different age groups with their own style preferences. We shortlist the best hairstyles as per their individual choice and preference.” 

The London hairdressers use quality and nutritive products for hairdressing that promote a healthy hair styling. They take immense care to not damage the hair while giving a new style. All products they use are from the best brands that are not harsh or unfriendly to the human hair. Moreover, Mad Lillies’ best hairdressers London are experienced and skillful enough to offer a variety of healthy and trendy hairstyles, maintaining the beauty, natural shine and healthy growth of hair. 

Mad Lillies are the best hairdressers in London that allows people to choose from a wide range of styles to don a new look. From a cool classic to a playful color hairstyle, one can choose the style to enhance their gorgeousness and looks. Established as top hairdressers London, the salon offers high-end services with complimentary beverage and snacks for people to enjoy their service in a friendly environment. Despite their fabulous services, they are the cheap hairdressers London for people to get a hair makeover without burning a hole in the pocket. To know more about these celebrity hairdressers London, one may visit the website www.madlillies.co.uk. 

About Mad Lillies: 

Mad Lillies is an award winning hair salon located in Hampstead, London. The salon boasts of a team of expert hairdressers who offer unique and custom hairstyles suitable to each individual coming to them. They focus on maintaining hair health and put more emphasis on using natural and organic products. 

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Hampstead, London, NW3 6TE
Telephone: 020 7794 4313 / 020 7435 3869
Website: www.madlillies.co.uk