Glasgow, Scotland ( Freepressrelease ) October 14, 2009 - Macs Adventures, long known for its innovative walking, biking, and adventure tours, has announced its newest adventure holiday, the Camino de Santiago. Guests will begin their journey at the traditional starting point of St Jean Pied de Port in France, and travel westward across northern Spain to the Santiago de Compostela, stopping at various hotels and rural inns along the way. The walking tour can be split into five separate adventures, each lasting about a week. For those seeking the complete Camino de Santiago experience, the entire journey takes about 31 days and covers almost 780 km.

The Camino de Santiago offers a spiritual experience for travellers along its path. Also known as the Path of Saint James, it retraces the route of a Christian pilgrimage over one thousand years old, ending with a visit to the tomb of the apostle Saint James. This pilgrimage tradition has continued uninterrupted to the present day. 2010 is expected to be an especially busy time for the historic and scenic route, as it has been designated a Holy Year for the Santiago pilgrimage by church officials. These Holy Years, or Jubilee Years, generally occur when July 25th, Saint James Day, coincides with a Sunday. Macs Adventures ( will provide each traveller with a passport issued by the Church of Saint James; by collecting stamps at churches, hotels, and restaurants along the path, guests who walk the final 100 km of this historic journey can receive a Compostela Certificate authenticating their achievement.

This ancient trail offers gorgeous scenery and a long history as well; it is said that the earliest residents of this area walked the same route as part of a pagan fertility rite. Others claim that the Camino de Santiago retraces the death journey of the ancient Celts who travelled from the eastern inlands to the End of the Earth, or Finisterra, said to lie on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Travellers looking for a challenging experience and a historic achievement will enjoy the natural surroundings and picturesque local villages along the journey.

Macs Adventure ( arranges every detail of the itinerary, including accommodations at three-star hotels, rustic rural hotels, and private rooms in hostels, ensuring convenience and comfort for their guests. Breakfasts are included in the standard cost; dinners can be arranged for an additional fee. These tours fill quickly, so booking well in advance is recommended.

Macs Adventures offers world-class walking, biking, and adventure tours. Located in Scotland, they specialise in unforgettable holiday experiences throughout Western Europe, and offer a wide range of destinations and arrangements for the discerning traveller. The experts at Macs Adventures provide first-hand experience and knowledge of their walking holidays; because they‘ve been there themselves, they can give their customers the best advice possible.


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