Terrified Hillary Clinton supporters demand the site be taken down!

June 20, 2016: American’s enjoy a level of freedom unlike anything experienced in the history of mankind, yet more and more they are finding that freedom under daily attack, especially when it pertains to the second amendment. Whether its ISIS thugs or DC gangsters, life in the U.S. seems to becoming eroded by ignorant, hateful ideologies. That’s all just an exaggeration though, right? Wrong. Enter the Machine Gun Messiah.

With a serious allergy to political correctness, Dr. John Medina gives his audience a healthy, daily dose of reality in the form of awesome video tutorials, reviews, and insights into how to be a true American in the 21st century (hint: involves humiliating sniveling statists, building civilian legal flamethrowers, and how to otherwise survive in a world that views free thinking people as a threat to civilization).

“Our leaders are spineless and millions of brain dead Americans are begging for their freedoms to be taken away,” Dr. Medina says. “There could not be a greater recipe for disaster, and I just want people to have the necessary awareness, skill, and understanding of their rights and how to live in a world post-SHTF. We all know there is a silent majority of Americans out there who love their country and who also happen to have a pair of kahunas when it comes to fighting for their way of life. Those are my people, and that is who this website is for.”
Other topics covered by Dr. Medina include bug out/survival tactics, how to legally purchase a machine gun, body armor reviews and suggestions, and candid commentary on the state of U.S. society, politics, the media, and much more.

Keep up with Dr. Media at http://machinegunmessiah.com/ or check out his most popular posts to date on how to build a gun (http://machinegunmessiah.com/index.php/2016/06/08/ar-15-complete-80-lower/), and how to make a silencer (http://machinegunmessiah.com/index.php/2016/06/05/flashlight-silencer-suppressor-maglite-awesome/).

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Machine Gun Messiah
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