USA — M4V is the format equivalent of the MP4 for Apple aficionados. Now with an almost endless number of songs that are emerging in this format, it is not practical to imagine that only users of Apple’s products get to enjoy them. Enter M4V player

The name says it all. This software tool plays files in the M4V format, therefore allowing ease of access and viewing pleasure of videos in this format across platforms and devices. Whether one owns a laptop or a personal computer or even a portable media player, this freeware is a perfect choice.

Freeware, in this case has more than the obvious connotation. It is not only free in the sense that one need not pay money to download and install it. It is also free from hidden costs, boring sign-up procedures and adware and malware that simply ruin the video watching experience.

The M4V Player is an ideal freeware for professionals who deal with numerous media files during the course of the day. This is because while the software is simple, basic and easy to use, it also allows the user to modify individual files. One can alter the aspect ratio, the resolution and even the frame rate of videos that need to be played. This feature, in addition to the function of creating playlists on the basis of personal preference, make this a truly universal tool and a must have on the digital stable.

Its universality also lies in its ease of use, speed of download, hands free installation and appealing form.

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The M4V Player is positioned to be the top freeware for those who need to play M4V format videos on all devices that are not Apple.

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