San Francisco Bay Area, CA, United States; 15, April 2015: Luxury Travel Cloud is the new global leader in luxury tour and travel that has recently announced the addition of a new travel module to its online platform which seamlessly integrates luxury flights, hotels, car rentals and multiple travel deals, all in one place. This latest technical innovation sets Luxury Travel Cloud apart from other travel companies. It now offers customers more flexibility to choose leading luxury service providers spanning across the globe. 

According to company’s spokesperson Jessica Adelman: “Luxury Travel Cloud brings together the power of respected travel trademarks and the expertise of unrivaled luxury service providers. We deliver dream vacations with customizable packages by connecting upscale travelers with the best deals and special offers from hundreds of trusted partners worldwide.” 

When it comes to a luxury travel, Luxury Travel Cloud has always been at the forefront of industry; offering unique and suitable solutions to the tastes of the most demanding travelers. 

Seamless and lavishing services along with access to rare and extravagant destinations; — all thanks to carefully selected strategic partnerships with some of the most reputed luxury service providers of the world. 

Luxury Travel Cloud is a one-stop online platform designed to encourage serendipitous interactions for any upscale traveler in a fully supportive environment allowing users to search for the best luxury deal based on their geographic location or destination. 

One of the most regarded features of this website is its Blog, where company shares highly informative and captivating posts with current and future travelers revealing the latest industry trends and tips. 

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Founded by Sergei Koudy, Luxury Travel Cloud is operated by Koudy Group with office based at San Francisco Bay Area, California. Since its inception, the company continues to pioneer technology to revolutionize the way people perceive luxury travel. Access to multi-cultural modalities with highly affordable luxury deals and packages continues to draw devotees from all over the world. Sharp focus on consistently stupendous level of service makes planning and travel with Luxury Travel Cloud simply contagious. 

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