26, May 2015: According to the Amazon accessory description, the insulated and recyclable cool carry bag is specifically designed to offer the ideal solution to keep any food items cold and fresh for the whole day. Launched by Freddie and Sebbie, the luxury lunch carry bag has now been available on the Amazon Marketplace for nearly 3 months, and has drawn a large amount of interest from US customers, who have been quick to point out how well this device assists to keep a cold lunch cool in their Amazon verified product reviews.

Insulated Lunch Bag

According to Neil Speight, the representative of the Nevada based business, they are receiving orders for the luxury lunch carry bag daily, and that very pleased clients are posting lots of motivating ratings on the Amazon Marketplace. In one recent Amazon verified rating, Dave maintains that it’s a good buy, stating, “This is the 2nd lunch carry bag from Freddie and Sebbie that I possess and it’s just as excellent as the first. It’s a totally insulated, light-weight bag that is good for taking along with you to picnics, or even to give to your kid to take to school. The front totally unzips so it’s easy to put your drinks or Tupperware inside. Overall, this is an excellent cool bag that is very economical as well.”

According to Neil, the company has developed a versatile cool carry bag that men, ladies and kids alike can make use of to keep food items, like fruit, snacks, veggies and other items cool, while preserving the food’s taste and flavor to the full. He included, “Made from the best fabric products available, this lunch bag includes 2 mesh pockets especially designed to hold two bottles of drinking water, or other liquid beverage. The lunch carry bag is lasting, and even comes with the Freddie and Sebbie life time replacement guarantee. The bag is readily available at a budget friendly cost, and clients can additionally make a request for present wrapping, if they want to send somebody the perfect present.”

The company spokesman likewise said that the Freddie and Sebbie luxury cool carry bag was especially created to meet the greatest requirements of quality, security and reliability. He included: “Coming with an adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable carry handle, it’s so much easier now to lug, whilst taking pleasure in a healthy and delicious lunch. Many people have currently used the item and their valuable reviews on Amazon will help others to make the right choice. For more product info about the lunch bag, or to read a few of the validated Amazon buyer ratings, just visit the main Freddie and Sebbie Amazon Marketplace storefront.”

For more information and images for Freddie and Sebbie’s Insulated Lunch Bag visit: http://www.amazon.com/Lunch-Bag-Freddie-Sebbie-Investment/dp/B00SI28464

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