Hallandale Beach, FL; 30, April 2015: When it comes to grooming, a man’s routine must be clear, concise and effective. Luxury Barber has released the Luxury Barber Beginner Shaving Kit, which was hand selected by their master barbers to give precise results that will transform your look and confidence. 

When it comes to wet shaving, each product plays an important role. The first product used in a gentleman’s grooming routine should be a pre-shave. This Stirling Soap Pre-Shave Oil in Orange is the perfect kick off point. Specially formulated to act as a pre-shave as well as a beard oil, this product helps to soften the hair on the face for an even closer shave. For those who suffer from post-shave irritation, this product’s main ingredients of castor, almond and jojoba oils will help soothe the skin for an even, healthy glow. It will also help protect against nicks and cuts. 

A proper shaving brush helps to spread a thick, even layer of cushioning for your favorite shave cream or pre-shave. This Wet Shave Products Boar Bristle Shaving Brush is a high density tool made from 90% Tops Premium Boar Hair, gives an ultimate lather with minimal effort. Its ergonomic 55 mm wooden handle also gives a firm grip for total coverage. 

Luxury Barber came out with The Hoff Razor, which is a three-piece double edge safety razor that gives the closest shave possible with ultimate convenience and portability. It comes with a chrome plated stand and a 10-pack of Croma Diamant razor blades. 

The 10-pack of Croma Diamant razor blades were manufactured in Germany, where they are known for their sleek and sharp shaving tools and blades. Using these blades will give you an incredibly comfortable yet close shave and they can be put in your favorite double edge razor. 

Pre de Provence’s Shaving Soap is the icing on the cake, where it helps to moisturize your skin before, during and after shaving. It makes a perfect companion for your razor, while helping to keep a protective barrier between your skin and blades. After using Pre’s shave soap, a fresh and even complexion will be revealed. 

Together, these products make up the ultimate shave kit. Each product brings benefits that are long-lasting, effective and incredibly precise, making this step by step guide the perfect morning routine.