St. Louis, MO —, a leading seller of GIA certified loose diamonds, has published a guide to the most common buying mistakes when buying a loose diamond or diamond jewelry.

The guide is free to everyone and available online at . The comprehensive review covers everything from understanding the importance of cut, color, and clarity to common tactics used by sellers to show a diamond in the best possible light (sometimes literally). Regardless of where a customer decides to purchase, the guide is an invaluable resource in avoiding the most common mistakes when purchasing loose diamonds for sale .

“Lumera’s mission statement includes the directive that we equip all customers, whether purchasing from Lumera or elsewhere, with the knowledge and guidance necessary to make the best possible choice. The Diamond Buying Guide addresses that objective by offering the customer a transparent view of the diamond buying process,” stated Joe Brehob, President of Lumera Diamonds.

Customers can now learn why jewelers are incentivized to carry lesser quality cuts over higher; why it is perfectly legal for a seller to inflate the stated color or clarity grade of a diamond; and how jewelers often purposefully blur the distinction between a GIA certified loose diamond and a diamond certified by a GIA trained gemologist. These and other factors can affect the price of a diamond by thousands of dollars. In addition, users of the guide will find helpful tips for understanding jeweler warranties and guarantees, as how to protect a diamond after purchase.

For customers who choose to shop Lumera, in addition to the Buying Guide, Lumera also offers the ability to search for a diamond online, where each price is displayed along with every other detail of the diamond. Lumera offers the best price everyday, and has never had a sale, discount, or promotion of any kind; a unique approach in the jewelry industry, but one that fits well with the company’s philosophy of fairness and transparency.


Lumera Diamonds sells GIA certified loose diamonds through . Every diamond is backed by an exclusive Quality Guarantee, Lifetime Trade-in privileges, 30-day returns, and a written appraisal. Lumera was founded with the mission of promoting both transparency in the diamond business and education for the consumer; eliminating the mystery and anxiety that often accompanies the purchase of diamonds and jewelry.

Alan Ricks