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Date: August 30, 2011 Robert Harvard
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PHILADELPHIA - LumenOptix, the industry leader in retrofit-luminaires is in the final stages of negotiations to recruit several prominent lighting executives to key positions within the LumenOptix top-tier team.

In an effort to continue to lead the market in customized retrofit lighting solutions that maximize energy savings, the company‘s Board of Directors has made a strategic decision to hire the “best of the best” from throughout the lighting manufacturing community.

“We pioneered the retrofit luminaire market, and we continue to be the leader in shaping its progress.” explains Jay Goodman, LumenOptix CEO, “To execute on our aggressive growth plans, investing in high quality people remains our top priority.”

Over the next few weeks LumenOptix expects to add new board members as well as create and fill several key positions within their operations management team. While the lighting industry remains a very competitive market, LumenOptix believes the retrofit segment in particular, will be dominated by business leaders whose innovative ideas and courage to move swiftly combine market-wise solutions with cutting-edge design.

About LumenOptix
LumenOptix manufactures energy efficient lighting solutions optimized to exceed customers' lighting needs. LumenOptix leverages precision optics, thermal management, and cutting edge manufacturing technologies to create a lighting solution that provides the desired light levels while utilizing the least energy thereby maximizing energy savings. More information is available at www.lumenoptix.com.

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