Lucknow man loses 45 kgs in one year

Weight loss surgery enabled him to reduce weight


Lucknow Lucknow resident Rajiv Kumar achieved a milestone by losing 45 kgs in a short time span of one year. Today he is an average man with only 72 kg weight. Now, it is hard to believe that Kumar was as heavy as 117 kgs just a year ago.

Rajiv Kumar was suffering for the past 25 years with Ankylosing Spondylitis- a type of spondylitis that affects the spine. He was in great pain. “Sometimes it used to be so bad that even walking was a great effort,” says Rajiv.

Rajiv consulted quite a few doctors, who were unanimous in their decision that the only solution for his health problem was immediate weight reduction. Rajiv considered a few changes in his lifestyle, which included exercises, brisk walking and maintaining a strict diet.  This helped him shed off only a couple of kgs.

He even enrolled himself in a yoga class for weight reduction conducted by a Yoga Guru. At the end of the 10-day session, Rajiv was able to shed 2-3kgs of weight. But as soon as the session was over his weight came back.  “I was in bad shape and needed to do something about it and do it quick,” adds Rajiv who was unable to sleep at night due to his back pain.

Besides obesity induced pains and aches, Rajiv also suffered from sleep apnea which only added to his woes as he could barely sleep for 3-4 hours at night.

As Rajiv was surfing the internet one day, he got to know about bariatric surgeon Dr Ramen Goel and decided to meet him.  “The patient was in severe pain. There is no precedent of relief of ankylosing spondylitis by bariatric surgery. However considering his weight and lack of any definite treatment of ankylosing spondylitis, I decided to offer bariatric surgery to him. This surgery led to not only substantial weight loss but also improvement in symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis,” said Dr.Goel

Rajiv readily agreed to Dr. Goel's suggestion to undergo bariatric surgery. "He seemed so positive in his approach!" remembers Rajiv.

On19th October’2011 Dr. Goel performed the weight loss procedure on Rajiv.  Prior to the surgery, doctor advised him to do some breathing exercises and control his diet.  The operation was successful and Rajiv returned back home a couple of days later.  He was given a diet chart to follow, which he religiously did for about 6 months.

At 72 kgs today Rajiv can eat just anything, except that he is careful not to indulge. “I love my looks now and would like to keep it that way,” says Rajiv.

The greatest blessing is that Rajiv is free of all aches and pains, especially the severe back pain that he suffered. He has also been off medication for the past several months.  “I feel so much lighter and active, and I am able to do so much more now, than I used to do earlier”, is what Rajiv has to say now.

“I truly am so glad I took this decision to undergo bariatric surgery, which has changed my life. I want to add that my snoring which was a nuisance to all at home, has gone completely and I am leading a happy family life, thanks to Dr.Goel,” says Rajiv.


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