United States of America, 06 August, 2014: A car is one of the most valued possessions of most people and they try to make it as beautiful as possible. Although, you cannot modify the actual feel of your car, but accessories help to make them look much better and attractive. Interiors of the car are highly influenced by the kind of seat covers used. Not only it’s the looks but it is the comfort which decides whether one should go for a particular kind of seat cover. Leather seat covers are widely popular among the masses and it does give a premium feel to your car. However, these covers can be expensive and customers might not be able to distinguish between a genuine leather and a synthetic one. To cater to all these needs and offer genuine quality seat covers at cost effective rates, Lseat has come up with its own online store. 

The store features a wide number of textures which come in different quality. Customers, need to create an account and start shopping for the leather they prefer. If they are a bit worried about the quality or the look of their preferred leather, they have an option to order small samples and get a feel of them before actually making the final order. Moreover, the site also features some pre-designed and stitched seat covers for various cars as per their standard size. So in case you need a Chevrolet leather interior or the Corvette Leather seat covers, the site has its own designs as well. Moreover, people can always get custom leather interiors for their cars. The site also features Faux Leather and related products for customers to choose from. The company takes orders from across the world and ships the products through FedEx and other reputable courier agencies. 

Customers are always welcome to order free samples of the leather they prefer. Moreover, the company offers an option of returns in case there are any defects detected by the customers within 14 days of delivery. The company accepts payments through all the popular modes such as Credit Cards, Stripe, and other payment gateways. This ensures that the payment process is secured and customers are not worried about performing the transactions online. In case of any queries customers can use the contact options present on the website and get answers from the representatives quickly. 

About Lseat: 


Lseat is an online store which sells various kinds of leathers for interiors of the cars. Besides offering customized leather interiors the company has its own collection of pre-designed seat covers for different cars in its store. Other products featured on the store includes the Faux leather as well as similar tools and accessories required for the car interiors.