(Free Press Release) Even the countries who‘s economy was once based on agriculture has turned to business sector to increase the per capital income and thus to earn a name in the list of developed countries. Then after the globalization has come to effect, the competition has increased. Now, the stage has come where one has to change the marketing plans more frequently and has to come up with some innovative ideas in marketing to get establish. This is required for the well established houses too as otherwise they may get washed away in the stream of new generation business people who are coming with new ideas.

Loyalty cards were one such idea to boost the business. This concept can be used in any types of business. But found more effective in retail marketing sector. With the coming up of new chains of super markets and other retail outlets, the competition in this field has become tough. To survive in this tough competition, some enthusiastic business people have come up with the idea of loyalty cards. The idea was to make regular customers. Loyalty cards may not be effective in bringing new customers, but it will be useful in making a customer a regular one.

It is basically a RF card with a chip inside this. This will contain all the information about the customer and the details of every purchase he make can be added just by swiping the card in a RF card reader. This includes the date of purchase and the amount of purchase. Most of the companies are offering some discounts or gifts based on the point they earned through purchase. Normally these points are calculated on the amount of purchase the customer made in a specific period of time. Thus loyalty cards tend the customer to purchase regularly from a single outlet or an outlet belongs to a single group. Thus it creates regular customers for the company. More over, as the points are decided on the value of the purchase, loyalty cards allure the customers to purchase more. This can be a single time purchase or purchases within a stipulated time. This increased purchase will definitely boost the total business of the organization.

Thus the strategy of introducing loyalty cards has become a regular practice with many organizations, especially in the retail sector. As this strategy started paying back more and more people have adopted it. And the methods to calculate the points also changed time to time. The latest trend is to offer more bonus points for more purchases in special occasions and during festivals. This strategy found to be working more powerfully. And loyalty cards become a hit.

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