Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; April 26, 2013: Sister companies — , leading and effective leader in all natural skin whitening cream with anti-ageing properties, Papaya Soap, popular source of skin whitening home remedy and cream, fast rising company that gives selection of face whitening products has now officially announced lower shipping rates for a more outstanding value for regular patrons and interested customers. 

In Asia alone, two out of five women feels that they are more attractive with fair complexions. In other parts of the world, men and women are also facing different skin issues like hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and more. The quest for finding the right skin whitening products have caused the skin whitening industry to bloom and continuously grow bigger. 

With many companies joining the bandwagon of skin whitening remedies, safe and cost-effective products are hard to find. An average consumer can either spend a lot of money in order to find the best product in the market or purchase cheaper but unsafe alternatives. 

With this, sister companies Arbutin Cream, Papaya Soap and Face Whitening Cream want to ensure that consumer or interested parties can acquire the best whitening products available in the market , that is not only guaranteed safe and effective but cheaper due to its lowered shipping rate. 

The reduced shipping rate lowers the overall cost of the skin lightening products available in the respective websites of the sister companies. The three companies believe that achieving beauty and skin perfection needs not to be expensive and found a way to help the consumer. 

Arbutin Cream, Papaya Soap and Face Whitening Cream have decided to switch on an airfreight service that is reliable (traceable online) while at the same time with lower cost and guaranteed good service. With more than 50 % reduced cost on the shipping rates to different parts around the globe, customers can now enjoy the benefit of buying effective skin whitening products online at a reduced total cost. Aside from the lower shipping rates, each site offers freebies with each purchase. 

The site offers Arbutin cream by Professional Skin Care Formula which is manufactured by Stalder Laboratories Inc, one of the leading and most trusted makers of facial and skincare products. The skin whitening cream offered is all-natural and safe as the main ingredient, Arbutin, comes from wheat, pears and from the bearberry plant and is known to prevent the production of melanin . It can remove melasma, freckles, acne scars, liver spots and more plus it is laden with anti-ageing properties. 

Popular offers another best-selling skin whitening product, papaya soap. Papaya soap is proven to be mild, effective and all-natural. It is packed with all natural vitamins, minerals and organic compounds that enrich the skin and provide its much needed nutrients. As it exfoliates the skin, it reveal a whiter and smoother skin. Achieve healthy glowing skin with Papaya soap. 

For a selection of the best face whitening products online, offers Kojic Acid Cream, Arbutin Cream, Niassential niacinamide cream and NiaSerum niacinamide serum. All products are guaranteed to be clinically tested, safe and effective whitening products. 

Choose from the different sites for the best product to suit your beauty needs. More product details and freebies awaits you, please and for more information. 

About ArbutinCream.Com 

ArbutinCream.Com is a fast rising company offering a skin whitening cream with anti ageing properties. Suitable for hyperpigmentation problems as its all natural ingredient inhibits the production of melanin. Lighter, younger and flawless skin through Arbutin Cream. 

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PapayaSoap.Org offers the popular skin whitening remedy that can be used on all skin types. It is proven to be gentle yet effective due to its all natural ingredient. Reveal a smoother and whiter skin through Papaya Soap. 

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FaceWhiteningCream.Net offers skin whitening product selection for all. Included products are Kojic Acid Cream, Arbutin Cream, Niassential and NiaSerum. All featured products are safe and effective skin whitening agents.