(Free Press Release) Offering Revit Drafting and 3D Modeling services for producing quality construction documents!

Revit 3D is the most versatile and widely used computer design tools in Building and Construction industry today. It offers benefits like single shared model for various engineering disciplines, instant drawing review, accurate structural detailing and full support for various drawing formats.

At OSD Services firm our in-house staff provides you the best-fit technical support and complete project documentation support to make your engineering department a success. We use latest Revit 3D software to create high quality, accurate and captivating 3D models greatly enhancing the ability to convey your message or design concept to the stakeholders.

We have worked across various industry segments including:

  • Residential building construction
  • Reinforced Concrete structures
  • Pre-fabricated, Pre-stressed, Post-tension structures
  • Bridges, Civil work and Transportation
  • Commercial facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Manufacturing & Product Launch
  • Structural Steel buildings
  • Miscellaneous structures

Save 60% on Revit Structures drafting and Revit drafting 3D Modeling related needs now! Alternatively, you can hire trained Revit Drafters for specific jobs. You can request quotes by job or by man-hour. Visit us at http://www.outsourcestructuraldrafting.com/3d-modeling-services.php

Advantages of outsourcing Revit jobs to us:

  • Qualified Revit drafters to perform all drafting and CAD conversion work
  • 100% accuracy and highest quality drawing standards
  • FTP server access to download drawings any time
  • Total compliance to local or specific codes
  • You get a dedicated team from start to finish

Post you queries to us at [email protected]