With all the love and lust in the air, we owe a majority of credibility to online dating apps.

So many couples have formulated a relationship and now even marriages have concluded from online dating as well. With that being said, Keldamuzik produced her first short film called “Love The Original Way”, directed by Hassan Leo of Elmore films. The 15 minute short film displays a young college graduate by the name of Sissy who surrounds herself by her two gossiping girlfriends friends Milan and Laudi who encourage her to try a dating app. Both characters demonstrate how young women today face troubles of finding the love of their life. Sissy as a college graduate has had problems with drug and alcohol addiction and keeping a current job, therefore she turned to online dating and rehab at the same time to put her life into perspective. Once she found out that the same guy she has been conversing with on the dating app, sits adjacent from her in alcohol rehab, they fell in love instantly.

Kelda and Hassan met multiple times to brainstorm specific segments of how to portray the story of an innocent girl who drinks her life away and is lonely until she finds love. “I find that many people are made to be matched out there, but we just don’t know who we should approach and how we should approach those people”, Kelda stated. The film also includes hilarious moments by aspiring actor Colin Asher, who played the rehab instructor, yet hypocritically finds himself drunk off his feet at the bar during random times while Sissy goes on dates. Some of Sissy’s wild dates consist of bizarre adventures including Puneet Prasad who played a gruesome mortician who shares his awkward encounters with deceased bodies and how he is infatuated with the disgusting qualities of dead people. Another blundering date Sissy goes on is with the allergen guy who cannot prevent himself from continuously sneezing over drinks, and knocking over props on the table, played by Nicholas Alexander. Overall, her dates are a disaster and hopeless until she runs into the love of her live randomly on dating app played by Nick Dagger. Sissy realized that the same guy she’s been sitting across from in alcohol rehab is the same gentleman she has been conversing with on the dating app hidden with no photos displayed on profile.

The film is very worth taking the time to download or attend a screening to watch. Mixed with today’s social problems and on the flipside entertaining technology, you will take the ride that Sissy takes when it comes to dating and trying to straightened up her life as a young woman. Every character in the film plays a significant part and was also casted by Digz Media Group, Kelda’s very own entertainment entity. The film will be released to several film festivals in 2016 and stay updated with us as we release the trailer this Christmas and social media links to follow.

For more information, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x06Gn-2I2y8

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x06Gn-2I2y8
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