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Love is in the air as Dil Dostii Dance celebrates “Rose Day”

Watch Rey (Amar) struggle to withhold his feelings for Kria (Shakti) as one of the most anticipated day unfolds! It‘s Rose Day on Dil Dostii Dance and Rey is determined to give a rose to Kria and make a good impression. He follows her the entire day and day-dreams about the various ways he could confront the girl he secretly admires. But will he manage to finally tell her his hidden feelings? Or would another circumstance lead the two of them to distance away from each other? On the other hand Swayam writes a heartfelt poem for Sharon; which moves her to tears. Will she finally accept her love for him? Meanwhile, Vicky receives a bunch of roses from an admirer, leaving Neha green-eyed with envy. Neha receives one from a Dazzler; making their jealousy mutual. Will this small incident leave a bitter feeling between the lovers?

Amidst the love, affection and hidden feelings; will Rey tell Kria his heart‘s desire?

Tune in, to witness the young couples struggle to convey their feelings about each other
only on Channel [v], Monday Thursdays at 7pm.

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