Louis Vuitton is a design house with a long and fascinating history. Today, it is primarily known as a purveyor of luxury handbags and small leather goods, but its fame dates way back to a time when the brand was admired for the fine luggage items that it created. The Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas dates back to this period in the late 19th century, but it has since been re-imagined many times by the artists and artisans at LV. Louis Vuitton Canada presents three fresh and fascinating takes on the Louis Vuitton Damier for 2013.

The LV Damier is a checked material that is known for being the last pattern that the Louis Vuitton himself created for the brand. It was unveiled during the Paris exhibition and was the third in a line of canvases that served as a signature for the House of LV. Vuitton was always wary of imitators, and his Damier trunks were the first to carry his trademark. The original Damier was brown and white, but today there are considerably more variations, including the Azur, the Graphite, and the textured Infini. Here are the latest types of Damier that LV has made for 2013.

1. The Damier Cubic. The Cubic is an interesting spin on the Damier made with a process called "tuffetage" which is used by carpet makers. It creates a nice flocked effect, which graces embroidered calf leather. This form of the historic LV Damier comes in shades of green, blue, and yellow. The Damier Cubic with its clever and almost dizzying depth graces a new, more geometric and structured version of the Speedy called the Speedy Cube. It has also been used for the smaller Speedy Cube East-West.

2. The Damier Facette. As the name suggests, this type of Damier features alternating faceted squares on shiny brushed calf leather. It looks quite pleasing and unapologetically modern, especially in creme and yellow shades. This Damier material is also used on the Speedy Cube and is complemented by silver metal hardware. These bags would be great with a mini dress and boots to create a look that is an homage to 60's mod.

3. The Damier Mosaic. This Damier variant is pretty labor-intensive to produce. It is a made up of strips of calf leather in contrasting colors that have been hand-woven together and then overstitched. The result is a material that has the effect of a quilt and looks quite sharp and artistic. The Damier Mosaic comes in yellow and brown, and graces a flat, square bag called the Enveloppe and its smaller rectangular version, which has been dubbed the Enveloppe East-West.

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