It would be pretty safe to say that thousands of women all over the world would love to own a Louis Vuitton handbag. Each season, LV produces bags that are a fine combination of form and function. Each piece is capable of raising the style quotient on the most ordinary ensemble and is also designed to last for many years. Nevertheless, in the midst of all their new releases, LV continues to make classics that have been big favourites with fashionable women for many decades. One such bag is the Louis Vuitton Alma . tells us the story behind the Alma and the style icon most identified with this beautiful bag.

The Alma is a bag that has been around since the 1930's. It was created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, and was originally dubbed the "Squire". It was also called the "Champs Elysees" after the great Parisian thoroughfare before it was finally christened the "Alma" after the square that marks where the end of the Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine River.

This bag has an illustrious history, and it is second only to the LV Speedy in terms of popularity. The truth is that many elegant women have been proud to own a Louis Vuitton Alma, and one of the most stylish women ever born ¨C indeed, one who was considered fashion royalty and the embodiment of the chic modern woman ¨C is said to have been instrumental in the Alma's creation.

If legend is to be believed, then Coco Chanel is to the Alma what Audrey Hepburn is to the Speedy. Chanel was a great artist and a fashion designer in her own right, but it is said that the only bag that she carried besides her own designs was a Louis Vuitton Alma. Some versions of the story say that Chanel had LV customize a bag for her, with the design eventually being made available to the public. Regardless of the details, most sources agree that a bag in the shape of the LV Alma was found among Chanel's personal effects.

It's actually not very surprising that the legend who popularized bobbed hair, strings of pearls, little black dresses and tweed suits should have loved the Alma bag. After all, the Alma's appearance is one of its strongest points, being made according to a structural yet graceful Art Deco aesthetic and fashioned in materials like the Monogram Canvas as well as colourful leather. It is also a great bag for a busy career woman like Chanel ¨C after all, it's spacious enough to contain books, papers, and cosmetics. It is also quite secure and stable, with double zippers, a padlock, and four protective studs on the underside.

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