Jumping with a skipping rope can burn up to 900 calories per hour, the best selling brand King Athletic says, and help to strengthen the calves, thighs, abs while relieving autumn depression. The company says you should consider a compact and inexpensive jump rope, rather than cumbersome and costly cardio training devices.

Beginners need only 10 minutes to get energy boost, but full fat-burning workout takes only 20 minutes. During the jumping, your body is producing endorphins, because you aren’t just moving, but doing something enjoyable which is associated with happy thoughts and emotions.

“It only takes roughly 20 minutes to burn about 300 calories,” Benjamin Davies, the company’s spokesperson said. “Which is the same amount of calories in an unaccounted slice of cake. Jump and don’t be afraid of the notorious banquets at work. Jumping will help to make these muscles round, so you’re able to conceal a certain curvature of legs, quads and hamstrings.”

These exercises will help the leg become tightened and strengthened, remove excess fat from the sides and abdomen. King Athletic says your muscles may hurt after the first few workouts, especially in the abdominals, thighs, buttocks and legs. But once the body becomes accustomed to this rigorous activity, it will start to get rid of toxins and impurities, leaving sweat and high levels of feel-good serotonin.

The King Athletic Hyper Jump Rope is a great option for those want to have fun while exercising.

The majority of doctors agree on one thing - it is more likely that cardio can save you from the heart attack than the dietary active supplements. And all it takes is just 20 minutes to burn about 300 calories.

A jump rope is a simple tool of which you don’t need to spend a lot of time in order to achieve the best results. If you stick with it, the brand says, you will feel better and healthier.
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