Los Angeles; 01, July 2016: Los Angeles Hip Hop recording artist KBIZ Complex announced Wednesday of the release of his 200th song or 20 albums. KBIZ Complex has championed the cause of the promotion of Hip Hop not only in Los Angeles, but across the United States. His performances in Los Angeles at venues including USC, Project Blowed, California State University Dominguez Hills, Club Fais Do Do, Good Life Café, Dragonfly in Hollywood, Cobalt Café, Reseda Country Club, Terrace, Los Angeles Pierce College, Calabasas Country Club, 5th Street Dick’s, and others, have helped cement his name as a permanent fixture in the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene. His own studio in Woodland Hills was often the location for breakdancing battles, DJ battles, and rappers freestyling. kbiz complex not only performed over 100 times throughout Los Angeles but also DJ’ed nearly 75 events.

KBIZ Complex grew up around an atmosphere of music, with superstar R&B group New Edition having been his next door neighbors. KBIZ Complex was further influenced in his music, having first played drums at the home of the drummer of multi-platinum rock band Supertramp. KBIZ Complex fame grew in Los Angeles and he was approached by several record labels including Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit and Death Row Records. Citing creative control issues, he decided not to sign to Death Row Records, despite linking up with Compton’s DJ Quik and music producer G-1. As a recording artist that is being listened to in 181 nations, KBIZ Complex has sought to create music which is appealable to the widest audience while staying true to the authentic elements which make up the art of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop, as a sub-culture, includes Rapping, DJ’ing, Graffiti, and Breakdancing. KBIZ Complex said “It is the art and the artistry that makes Hip Hop solely unique in comparison to other musical forms. It is also an honest form of music because the rapper can express directly what they are feeling in a poetical format. As rappers, there should be more responsibility as to the messages that are promoted to listeners. Hip Hop is about peace but there are some that would like to see Hip Hop made in to an art form that lowers the self of the human, rather than uplifting and empowering him or her.” The 200 songs of KBIZ Complex are available on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, and other major music sites. For more information visit Facebook.com/KbizComplex.