California; 07, April 2015: In California, a person can be sent behind bars or may have to pay a hefty monetary penalty, if a bench warrant is issued against him/ her. A bench warrant may result into several types of legal consequences from a community service to a jail term. And this is the reason why one should know how to get the warrant quashed as early as possible, if it has been issued against a person. Now, reputed Los Angeles arrest warrant lawyer Ron Hedding releases a YouTube video, explaining ways of quashing an arrest warrant on an urgent basis. One can watch the video and can benefit from the insights of Attorney Ron, who heads the Hedding Law Firm. 

In his video, Ron Hedding stresses upon hiring an experienced lawyer who knows how to get a warrant cancelled. He also points out the arrest warrant expert vs public defendant major differences so that an accused can make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a lawyer to cancel the warrant issued against him/her. Both Federal and state courts can issue a bench warrant to arrest a person immediately in order to maintain the law and order. After the arrest, the accused is produced before the court to determine the punishment or penalties against the criminal charges. 

Attorney Ron maintains that avoiding the court order may further aggravate the problem. If a person attempts to avoid arrest, it is often considered a contempt of court and it may bring severe punishments for the accused. This is the reason why he enumerates the important things to know regarding bench warrants in Los Angeles County in his video and suggest to opt for a legal solution, instead of trying to evade an arrest. He states, “In my video, you will find 3 tips to avoid jail when you have a bench warrant issued in Los Angeles.” 

Being one of the qualified Los Angeles bench warrant attorneys, Ron Hedding plays a great role in creating awareness about the bench warrant and its legal consequences. One can access the video for free at any time on YouTube. 

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