UK; 05, July 2016: It does not need to be emphasized that a wedding or marriage occasion is one of the most significant events in an individual’s life. The person getting married will obviously like to make the ceremony as grandiose as possible and invite all his/her near or dear ones so that they can witness as well as partake in the magnificent happening. However, one has to start planning for a wedding well in advance so that the person gets sufficient time and scope to appropriately organize every detail and/or aspect connected to the event.

These relate to creating the wedding folder, finalizing with parents and relatives whom to invite, selecting the venue where the event will be staged, zeroing down on an idyllic honeymooning spot. To say the last but not the least, the individual also has to take into account the aspect of budget-undoubtedly the most important of all considerations-and see to it that in the process of attempting to map out a splendid wedding one doesn’t end up burning a hole in the pocket. Loonat catering services is an Asian catering service provider that can take care of an individual’s requirements connected with his or her marriage.

Loonat catering services is the brainchild of Hafez Miya Ahmed Loonat who has blazed a trail in Asian wedding catering and Halal catering. The business is owned, administered, and operated by Hafez Ahmed and his family who in turn are assisted by a posse of highly seasoned chefs. Right from the beginning, Loonat has focused on offering catering services pertaining to Indian/South Asian weddings. At the same time, the caterer had concentrated on taking up event management projects.

As a result, the business has amassed widespread experience in this specific section of the wedding sector in UK. Loonat Services, one of the most reputed of all Asian wedding caterers in UK also extends a string of auxiliary services including provision of experienced catering staff who’ll be responsible for serving the food and keeping the same piping hot. Oil burners, white linen for enveloping the table, chair upholstery, cutlery, crockery, candy floss equipment, chocolate fountain, popcorn machine, table sets and pieces, soft drinks, confectionaries, and kid-minders can also be hired.

Customers can prepare their own menus from the different offerings comprising starters, mains, rice, dessert, ice-creams, bread, salads, sauces, and savories. This foremost Halal Caterer has broadened its service horizons by offering halal meals in educational institutions, supplying frozen meals to neighboring groceries, and arranging corporate events.

About Us:

Loonat Catering Services is served by skilled chefs who’ve over 50 years of cooking experience between and amongst themselves. The catering service has taken up halal up catering orders in UK as well as abroad.