PITTSBURGH — InventHelp® America’s largest inventor service company is pleased to announce the product website, www.inventhelpstore.com

InventHelp Store features innovative new products for sale that have been invented by InventHelp clients. This website offer consumers a great place to look for unique devices, gadgets and tools that provide solutions to everyday problems.

The microBEATS® are compatible with any TV, iPod®, iPhone®, Smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet. The wireless microBEATS® speaker system creates a rich, theater-like stereo sound experience. Utilizing a Bluetooth® speaker, this portable simplicity brings your entertainment to life with no wires.

The Double Dutyâ„¢ divot repair putter, when used correctly, can alleviate the fatigue associated with bending over to repair ball marks, as well as help to ensure that the marred areas are corrected in a timely manner. The product conforms to the official USGA Rules of Golf.

The Total Tie Keep remedies the rear of a tie from popping out, blowing loosely in the wind or sliding to one side. With this invention, the wearer no longer suffers from tacky tie behavior and an embarrassing representation. The product buttons onto a shirt and anchors the tie label and the rear tie.

Align-N-Driveâ„¢ is a driving safety aid that provides visible reference points for the driver to view the exact location of the front tires of the vehicle. The product contains two removable strips that are placed onto a vehicle’s windshield in front of the steering wheel. The Align-N-Drive Kit provides simple instructions on DVD to ensure that the strips are applied correctly.

The Acre Ring is a plumbing device that ensures the proper stability of a toilet flange. The ring bridges the gap between the flange and an over-cut, rotted or crumbling floor, thereby ensuring that the flange is retained in position securely. The product eliminates the need for costly repairs, such as saving a plumber from cutting out or rebuilding wood floors.

These products are just a sampling of what’s available on the InventHelp Store, so make sure to see everything that the website has to offer. A complete list of products, including photos and pricing information, is available at www.inventhelpstore.com . Products are sorted by category to help the user easily find the product they are searching for on the website.

InventHelp is America’s largest invention submission company, helping inventors since 1984. Learn more about InventHelp and their invention submission services at http://www.inventhelp.com/inventor-services.asp . Manufacturers interested in reviewing additional inventions and new product ideas can contact InventHelp’s sister licensing company Intromark Incorporated by filling out an online request to review new product ideas at http://www.intromark.com/contactforms/Reg_Databank_Contact.aspx

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