Buda, Texas; 17, April 2015: Soapbox Rotations, are profiles that will cast your rotation automatically with very little input from you to maximize your DPS output. They have done the work to implement the perfection rotation, but have applied logic that will allow for the rotation to function flawlessly. Being able to execute things at the most optimal time based upon energy, mana, chi, and health of your character. 

Now you can focus on leading your raid, or staying out of fire while performing in the top 5% of players. 

Soapbox Rotation has put countless hours into the development of their custom routines to ensure that they are perfected. Soapbox Rotation’s goal to help you top the charts of the damage meter for the class/specialization in which you have chosen to play. The automation of the rotation does not occur blindly, but with logic implemented to account for certain conditions. 

Utilizing a rotation will help to ensure that you are enjoying the game without having to worry about hitting every key at the critical moment. 

For more information on how to purchase and download your automated rotation visit them at www.soapboxrotations.com