•Jolen,the leader in skin care is all set with another innovation—a cold cream that makes your skin so soft and supple that no eyes can turn away from you.

This winter season brighten up your skin and make it soft and glowing with Jolen‘s Cold Cream. Harsh winds affect your skin the most making it dry and coarse. Its non-greasy texture helps in easy absorption giving the skin a long lasting super-silky feel and glow.

Jolen‘s cold cream is a combination of three vital ingredients Aloe vera, Shea Butter and olive oil. The goodness of these ingredients makes the cream a one stop solution for body oil moisturizer.Shea Butter forms a protective shield that protects the skin from the harsh effect of the wind that makes your skin dry. Aloe vera moisturizes the Skin, Olive oil is known for it‘s anti-irritant property. All these ingredients make Jolen Cold cream so effective that your skin becomes the source of envy to every eye. This cream is so light in texture that it is easily absorbed in the skin. It‘s mild fragrance makes you look and feel beautiful.

Jolen Cold cream should be applied twice daily with lighthands.It is available in 15g, 25g and 125g and priced at Rs.10, Rs 25 and Rs.65 respectively.

Jolen cold cream has the following U.S.Ps:-

 Shea butter for a protective shield
 Aloe Vera for moisturization
 Olive oil for anti irritant
 Non greasy texture
 Rapid absorption
 Mild fragrance
 Suitable for all skin types

So, here‘s presenting you a cold cream that suitable for all skin types. this cold cream is here to make your skin so soft and beautiful that your skin speaks up your mind. Do feel beautiful and look younger with jolen‘s cold cream.

About Jolen Inc

Jolen Inc. of Fairfield, CT, USA, established 1955 is the first company giving world the concept of BLEACH CREME. It was founded by Mr. John (born in 1917, Chemical Engineer, graduated in 1942 and Mrs. Evelyn Kossak. The foundation of the name "jolen" has been derived from the names John and Evelyn. JOLEN came up with "Jolen Cream Bleach", a product for women, which is safe to use and can lighten excess dark hair on skin way back in 1955 thereby giving the world the concept of “Bleach Cream.‘ Since then, the brand JOLEN has been the undisputed leader worldwide in the category of crème bleach.

Today, the company is a renowned entity and well acknowledged as a leader in the crème bleach segment across the world. Products of Jolen are exported to over 40 countries. The brand is a household name and is the market leader wherever it is sold. Jolen Crème Bleach has emerged globally as the undisputed leader in the category of Bleach. Today it
offers products in the category of skin care beauty products, with a large identity established for its crème bleach.

Jolen in India

Jolen products were exclusively produced only in USA and Germany till it was brought to India with manufacturing rights and facilities by KUNDAN GROUP, a well renowned business house, thereby making India the only third country and only one outside USA and Germany to be manufacturing Jolen products. KUNDAN GROUP is the exclusive licensee to market / distribute / manufacture products of Jolen in India.

A ´Star Trading House‘ as well as an ISO 9002 company, KUNDAN GROUP was also placed among top 100 ´unlisted‘ companies in India by CMIE survey published in Business World Magazine. The group is involved in import & export of various Commodities, Chemicals (Solvents, Polymers, and Petrochemicals etc.), Pharmaceutical products and Personal Care products. The company that is looking after the personal care products is M/s Kundan Care Products Ltd.

Jolen‘s Product Range in India

The company manufactures and markets high grade, high value and specialty beauty care products in India. Crème Bleach; Hair Removing Crème; Face-wash Gel for regular, oily and sensitive skins (with various ingredients to suit different needs e.g. lemon & neem, rose, cucumber rich); Sun Screen Lotion, Moisturizer (with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera); Cold Crème; Hair Styling Gel (wet look & firm hold).

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