The owner and publisher of is taking counseling and therapy to an entirely new level. Stacey Chernin has developed this website to represent her practice and this newly designed and recently launched site is redefining how information and therapy/counseling services for marriage, couples, and family in the Long Island, New York area are sought out. This website has been strategically designed to provide a plethora of information to the user.

With technology advancing and the Internet being a viable resource for those seeking professional help for issues in relationships, their individual lives, or with certain issues, it is vital that service providers such as Stacey to implement websites that have information pertinent to their field of work and also information that supplies the user means to understand services offered, how to contact the therapist, and more resources and information that can help them find their emotional well-being.

Stacey states “Many people are exhausted trying to make their marriage work or they just feel that their goals in life and towards their better happiness cannot be attained. I would like to think that perhaps this website and the information and resources provided on the site can provide the useful information, tips and resources that help a person to seek my counseling and therapy services that could benefit them immensely.”

“If you are an individual seeking some support, guidance, and insight my goal is to provide information to help individuals who want to improve their life overall, want to work out problems-cope better with life changes, overcome grief, kick a substance abuse habit, strengthen a family unit, and salvage a relationship or marriage.” says Stacey.

“I’m very pleased to be able to put together all this information on one website location and in a way that makes it easier for  people to search and browse for  counseling/therapy information.” Stacey states. has already published many posts on all sorts of topics, and every week new content and information is added frequently. In addition- Stacey has written a few Ebooks in her special field that are available through her website and on Amazon. In addition, when you subscribe to the newsletter you receive a free Ebook “Three Ways to Emotional Wellness.”

The idea is to make it easier and more convenient for people that are experiencing marriage problems, personal issues, and family conflicts to find information that can improve their lives, according to Mrs. Chernin. For those couples and others looking for marriage and relationship advice, help with depression, and all sorts of other topics and problems- this website will be very useful and perhaps be the key to them finding the peace and solace in their lives that fulfill their relationships. In addition, Stacey offers an array of therapy/counseling options for those individuals seeking support and guidance in their lives and relationships.