27 June, 2014: A number of couples residing in the Long Island area of the United States have recently shared their engagement ring stories with local news outlet Long Island Newsday. All of these soon-to-be brides had their token pieces of jewellery designed by a unique engagement ring designer or created via less conventional means than the average ring. 

The author of the article in question had chosen to interview the participating couples as a way of demonstrating the changing trends within the bridal and engagement jewellery world. Couples are more frequently choosing to commission a bespoke ring from independent designers such as Keith Gordon to guarantee a completely original and unique look. The fall from grace of the high-street bought ring — replaced with vintage jewels, family heirlooms, or pieces designed by a unique engagement ring designer — has been well-documented, and judging by this article, the trend shows no signs of abating any time soon. 

In fact, all the pieces presented by the couples who volunteered to take part in this news item have one trait in common, and that is their individuality. None of the brides or grooms quoted by the feature author wore a ring bought off a major chain jewellery retailer; rather, their pieces ranged from one-of-a-kind designs commissioned by a unique engagement ring designer to old family relics or even personal takes on the old staple. Designers, such as Keith Gordon, also specialize in creating new bespoke rings with gems from heirloom or vintage pieces. 

The latter example in particular is striking, as the article goes on to relate the tale of a man who, when confronted with his wife’s indecision in regards to a ring, chose to consult with family and friends. After a brainstorming session, the group came up with a concept that any unique engagement ring designer would certainly appreciate, and which the future groom lost no time in presenting to his fiancée. The design in question boasts four princess-cut stones, rather than just one, on a white gold band surrounded by a square of smaller diamonds. 

Other examples from the couples interviewed include an update to one of the grooms’ great-grandmother’s ring — an antique bridge-style setting in a gold band — as well as rings topped by stones other than diamonds, such as morganite, sapphire and garnet. Overall, the article demonstrated that the high-street jeweller is decidedly losing ground and giving way to alternative engagement jewellery designs. 

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