London, United Kingdom - Why do immigrants move to London? It seems the city is filled with opportunities for people of all ages.  Despite the weather and the cost of living in the UK capital, the city continues to attract people from around the world. On February 28, 2013 the UK government released their Quarterly Migration statistics that provide a flavor of just who is moving there and what the current trends look like. The report indicates that study remains the most common reason stated for migrating to the UK (moving to london)

The Migration report stated, “In the year ending December 2012, there were 209,804 visas issued for the purpose of study (excluding student visitors). Unfortunately, the report also indicated that this represents a fall of 20% compared with the previous 12 months. However, overall there was a 3% increase for the university sector, despite significant declines of 62%, 69% and 14% for further education, but with English language schools and independent schools gaining, respectively”.

While fewer students are seeking degrees, more students are looking to gain practical second language skills to further both their careers and personal life experiences. Students who want to study English in London can gain assistance with their relocation by contacting London Relocation.
Here are two testimonies from client who have used their service:

“You get coverage you simply won’t get on your own I also highly recommend using London Relocation--and no, I do not work for them! If you are not coming from NYC, then the idea of paying someone 1 month's rent to find an apartment may seem excessive. And it usually is. But for a major overseas relocation, it’s well worth the investment."--  Nathan Mackey from New York City

“Anthony provides a fantastic service that helped me find a flat in one day and helped me move in immediately. He is extremely friendly, honest, methodical and very pragmatic. Anthony starts off by asking many detailed questions in order to understand each personal situation. In my case they understood my needs completely, and we got an excellent match" -- Alfonso de Hoyos-Acos American Consulting Director Compass Management Consulting

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London Relocation agents work solely for home seekers. To ensure their agents integrity they get no fees or monies from anybody else. Home seekers are their number one priority. On the seekers behalf, they go through all the estate agency listings in those areas that best fit their “needs assessment” and pull together a personalized version of the MLS for London properties.

The firm will investigate 18-25 properties by inquiring through many estate agencies, and in this way, exhaust the market to find the best available option. This will also ensure that the client gets the best possible deal. Individuals, families, and professionals will find that using their service is the best, least stressful and time consuming way to rent a flat in London.

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