(Free Press Release) London, UK ( freepressrelease ) January 07, 2011 - According to OFCOM, surfing the web via mobile phones is the fastest growing mobile media activity, carried out by 13.5 million people in the UK*. By 2013 more people will access the web on their mobile than their PC**. We use our mobile phones to help us find places, products and services when we‘re out and about.

To take advantage of people searching for Japanese restaurants in London, Japanese restaurant, Inshoku contracted mobile web design http://www.mobisite.co.uk outfit Mobisite.co.uk to build a mobile optimised website.

The site is a slimmed down version of the normal one, featuring a click to call button that allows users to book a table; a Google Map to help them navigate there; a menu to allow consumers to review before arriving; and reviews to reassure them of their choice. The Website automatically fits the screen of over 5,000 mobile phones.

“We were amazed by the new customers coming through the door” remarked manager Rowena Fournaris, “These were people of all ages and some that even lived no more than 2 minutes away but never knew we were here.”

In the 3 months following the launch of their website for mobile http://www.mobisite.co.uk, Inshoku has seen web based bookings grow by over 450%.

About MobiSite

MobiSite is an independently run, London based, mobile website design company. The company‘s unparalleled industry experience and refreshing approach gives it outstanding presence in the burgeoning market for mobile website design. With its designers and mobile marketing professionals under one roof, it is undoubtedly the one stop shop for any business looking to successfully exploit the online market for consumers on the move.

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