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London, UK, November 24, 2011 - According to Cleaner London, a London carpet cleaning, domestic, office & contract cleaning services provider, carpets need special care for cleaning as they are made from a variety of different materials, ranging from wool to nylon, jute to polyester and a number of other fabrics in-between. The carpet cleaning and care that you need to carry out to keep your carpet happy will depend on the mix of your carpet fibres. What works for one carpet may ruin another so it is important that you check the cleaning instructions carefully when buying a new carpet.

One of the carpet cleaning professionals from Cleaner London stated that while choosing a carpet it is important to understand how much wear the carpet is going to get and the buy accordingly. A silk woven carpet may sound glamorous but after a rugby team has wandered over it a few times it will be nothing more than a rag. Whilst there are protective covers available in the market, these should only be used occasionally, such as during building work. Otherwise you don‘t benefit from the overall luxurious feel of the carpet you have so carefully chosen.

When asked further, he agreed to the fact that the best way to keep your carpet happy is to treat it well and protect it wherever possible. Whilst most of us don‘t have the particular problems being faced by a couple living near Cheddar who are hand-rearing a lamb indoors, we all at some time need to give our carpets a little more tender loving care. There are a number of options for us when we consider cleaning carpets.

The London carpet cleaning professional advised us to start with the simplest option - brushing your carpet down. This is particularly effective with carpet tiles and hard wearing carpets and the action of brushing can lift the fibres and reinvigorate the carpet. However, he didn‘t recommend taking a stiff yard brush to a wool carpet or you may pull out all the fibres and destroy it.

Vacuuming is the next option and this also not only lifts the dirt but the fibres as well. If your vacuum has different settings, check which one is the best for your carpet. If you have a carpet covered in pet hairs, try putting on a training shoe and scuffing your feet over the carpet. This tends to ball the hairs and make them easy to pick up.

Cleaner London advises deep down cleaning as well, which is either a steam clean or a dry carpet clean. A dry clean is suitable for all carpet types and because no water is involved there is less risk of shrinkage. Steam carpet cleaning may not be suitable for all carpets but it will leave the carpet fibres fluffed up and looking newer.

Brand new carpets, particularly woollen ones, tend to shed fibres, which leaves them looking fuzzy, the professional added. However, he added that this is nothing to worry about. All we need to do is give it a quick vacuum which usually sorts out the problem. Other carpets are designed to look fuzzy so whatever the problem, even if your fuzzy carpet may be in need of a little care, it will soon be happy again!

These instructions have been tried and tested by the London carpet cleaning company (Cleaner London) we were talking with and have cleaned fuzzy carpets successfully for them.

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