Pensacola, Florida — 26th, May, 2016

The new Boss 29-Piece Unlocking Lock Pick Set appears to be the hot pick between beginner and intermediate locksmith students, even among already working professionals that want to keep improving their skills.

It is a very complete and easy to carry-on kit that provides all the needed tools and an easy-to-follow tutorial with diagrams included for unlocking a lock without having the original key. Lock picking requires a patient and skillful manipulation of the lock´s device components. This high-quality set provides all you may need to practice and master the art of lock picking, and it comes in a very professional presentation: a zippered heavy-duty case containing keys, extractors, a clear padlock, and tension wrenches.

What is especially attractive for beginners is the clear case that allows observing the functioning of the steel locking system while putting into practice the theoretical knowledge. By viewing how things work, learning becomes easier and faster.

One interesting thing that has called the attention of the product vendors is that not only locksmith students and professionals are buying the kit. Common men, and even women, who love doing things by them, are being more and more tempted to learn this useful skill. In a word where people strive to be independent and solve their problems on their own, counting with some locksmith knowledge and the necessary tools provides a self-made solution, that saves homeowners time and money, not to mention the pleasure it brings learning a useful skill.
JMONLINEPRODUCTS LLC sells the product, a reputable Pensacola based vendor that has been offering original, useful and quality products since (year). Utility, simplicity, and high quality seem to be the words that best describe their products.

They can be found online at their Amazon store, or at their customer service phone: 888-876-9993
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