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It gives the local entrepreneurs and business owners a platform to give maximum exposure to their business for free. Yes, that‘s right; we don‘t charge businesses to list their details and we don‘t sell your data either. So how can we do this? We make sufficient money from pacing appropriate and relevant ads on some of our pages. So, you do not have to empty their pockets to advertise on LocalBuzz or pay a hefty amount to reach out to their potential customers.
Business owners have realized the immense potential of Internet as an effective marketing tool. In fact, today online presence has become a necessity of sort as there are large numbers of local customers who are surfing the Internet for information regarding local business of their choice. They have shunned the old ways of searching for local businesses in print directories and switched to online directories as they can find local business of their choice at the mere press of a button. In the online age, the more exposure you have, the more business you will get.

You can easily list your business on LocalBuzz in 6 easy steps. Step by step instructions are given and you can list your business with great ease and convenience. You can enrich your listing by personalizing it and giving details such as opening and closing hours of operation, specific information about your product or service, services provided and many more. You can also include images and URL of your website and even map your physical location or store, making your business easily accessible to potential customers. Thus, LocalBuzz provides you an interactive of way of winning over your customers. Look forward to the faster and better results you will get after listing your business. There are thousands of industry categories and keywords to choose from and a simple interface to help you pick the right one so you can achieve the desired results.

You can give great exposure to your website with the help of LocalBuzz and improve the ranking of your website in the search engines. This is because the popular search engines give importance to online directories to decide upon page ranking and if your business is listed on LocalBuzz, chances of your business being easily located by potential clientele on LocalBuzz or somewhere else is higher. Traffic to your website will increase and you have the opportunity to convert leads into sales. If you don‘t have a website, you can still create a profile on LocalBuzz! and start enjoying the benefits of online exposure.
You can also boost up your position in our results list and therefore increase sales by asking your customers to post a review about your business, products or services. This will act as a catalyst in encouraging other potential customers to try your product or service. Positive feedback from customers will do wonders for your business, so remember to post correct information.

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