Albany, New York — Albany NY’s self-professed Internet Geek claims he has a can’t-lose plan to revive the local economy — and he’s hoping local businesses will hear him out.

According to Frank McLoughlin, owner of Localogic LLC, businesses around the country who are surviving and even thriving during these rough economic times are the ones who are embracing new technologies to advertise their products and services. He thinks it’s high-time business owners in Albany NY start doing the same.

“In our world today where the internet allows us to connect and communicate instantly with people anytime, anywhere, on their laptops and mobile phones, there’s absolutely no reason why local businesses should be suffering,” McLoughlin claims.

McLoughlin believes that if local Albany businesses would learn how to advertise more effectively, less expensively and to a wider market using available online technologies, they would see an almost instant increase in customers and revenue.

“One of the main problems we have here in Albany, and pretty much anywhere else, is that most business owners don’t realize how many people — even right here in town — search online before they decide which local businesses to spend their money with, including and especially with their smart phones,” explains McLoughlin. “If you and your business aren’t visible and active online — and there are so many more ways to be seen than you might think — you are absolutely missing out on customers who are already looking for the goods and services that your business provides.”

But if the thought of learning how to use all the latest online tools like Mobile Websites, QR codes and video marketing sounds overwhelming, McLoughlin says not to worry.

“As part of my plan to help our economy, I’ve created an example of a lead generating website to showing local businesses how they can use the internet to increase business. Business websites also need to be mobile-friendly as so much local search takes place while people are on the move”

An example of McLoughlin’s work can be accessed by visiting his Albany NY roofing website at . He also welcomes contact from any local business owners interested in learning more about improving their own web presence at Localogic’s website at

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