The hip is a crucial component in the human anatomy. Even the slightest flaw in its technicality can easily cause partial or full immobility to a person. It is only with the help of the hips that a person is able to walk around, sit, stand, bent and other the basic movements.

Over the past decade, hip injury has occurred more often than any other injury. Once the hip is injured, an orthosis or a hip brace should be a must for the patient to wear. The hip is one part of the body that is always under stress due to the upper body pressure as well as the movement of the lower limbs. Only a hip brace will be able to ease the amount of pressure and secure the patient’s hip.

Recently, a local company called Rinella has managed to get the spotlight for its off the shelf and innovative hip braces. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the company’s orthotic treatments have transformed the lives of patients of all ages. Whether a patient is suffering from mild hip pain or has undergone a major hip surgery, a reliable hip abduction bracewill restrict unnecessary movements and will speed up the healing process and reduce the level of pain. Excessive movement after surgery can lead make the ip joint to pop out of place which can be very painful.

Braces are a must post surgery because of many reasons. Most patients make the mistake of thinking that the internal injury is healed once the pain stops. Hence, the person will feel more comfortable and start putting the hip under more strain. This will definitely injury the already stressed hip and cause excessive pain. When the injury caused is excessive, the patients will need to undergo a second surgery. This is why a reliable brace is crucial in hip injuries. For more information please go to


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Rinella is a local company that offers treatment for different kinds of hip injury. The company has also successfully treated different forms of ailments.


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