Perth, Australia — When facing the problems of unemployment families find that getting the help that they need is almost impossible. Banks and other traditional lenders will not give money to someone who does not have a demonstrated employment record, which means that emergency cash is out of reach. Families are then forced to make more severe cuts in their budgets, sell their belongings and even more extreme measures, all of which are not guaranteed to generate enough cash to overcome the financial problems. Loan Rangercash is one of the few short-term lenders in Australia that does offer lending services to the unemployed.

Borrowers can go to and find access to the online application, as well as information about the fees and other repayment charges. When clicking on the “Apply Now” button the borrower is given several options, including a special application for the unemployed or people whose income varies from pay period to pay period. The limits on these loans from Loan Rangercash are lower than normal payday loans, maxing out at $600, but the short-term cash infusion can be enough to help a family get back on its feet.

The application process takes around five minutes, and most applications are approved or denied within minutes. If the application has been approved the borrower receives their money from Loan Rangercash the same day through a direct deposit into the borrower’s bank account. Because of the speed of the service, borrowers can take care of their cash emergencies right away, and ease some of the stress that they are facing.

In Australia Loan Rangercash stands out as a payday lender that really wants to help borrowers find their way out of financial difficulties. This focus on customer service and fair pricing are the reasons that Loan Rangercash will continue to grow and dominate the payday lending market.

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