USA — Free Payment Calculators has developed a new application named Loan Payment Calculator, for calculating loan details. People can collect proper information related to a particular loan beforehand with the help of this tool. As a result, they can manage their financial situation easily. The Free Loan Payment Calculator provides details about monthly payment amount for auto loans, personal loans, student loans and a number of other simple loans.

One of the users of Free Loan Payment Calculator says, “It completely impressed me with its beautiful and understandable interface. It is fully informative for users to fill in all data they need to have a perfect loan payment plan.”

This application from Free Payment Calculators has been designed to be stylish and requires only simple steps for its operation. Hence it suits the requirements of diverse customers. The Free Loan Payment Calculator does not demand any other resources and is designed to be lightweight.

With the help of this tool, users can conveniently determine the amount they are required to pay by way of interest and other forms of payment against a particular loan. The easy-to-use interface makes the operation of this tool a simple task, for all types of people including beginners as well as professionals.

The website says, “Enter your loan payment amount, term, interest rate, and down payment and get your monthly payments; print out your Loan payments for carrying on the go.”

The Free Loan Payment Calculator is available for download from the website The specifications of this application include version: 1.1 and file size: 464.23 K. The Loan Payment Calculator is said to be compatible with operating systems like Windows Server 2008, Windows 7/8, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Further details and information about download, pricing and popularity can be collected from the website.

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