Author Sheila Carnegie’s newest book — Tales From Old Toad Island – is Best Seller.
LJM publishing has launched the latest book by author Sheila Carnegie. The second book in the series Humourous Adventures of Esmerelda Perkins, Tales From Old Toad Island, has reached best-seller status.

Tales From Old Toad Island

Dallas, TX, February 26, 2014 Author Sheila Carnegie’s latest book, Tales From Old Toad Island, Humorous Adventures of Esmerelda Perkins – Book Two, has reached Amazon’s Best Seller list. The success of the Esmerelda Perkins series of books can be attributed to Ms. Carnegie’s inmate ability to take everyday activities and turn them into humorous adventures.  Readers relate on a personal level and begin to see the humor in the commonplace events of life.

Esmerelda Perkins is an eccentric, aging and rather befuddled fictional character, who lives on Old Toad Island, an imaginary island near Green Frog Island, off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Esmerelda gets herself into all sorts of predicaments and loves to share her thoughts about life, her adventures, and travels. Esmerelda speaks about her impressions and experiences in moving to the island, and shares previously unspoken secrets and tales of resident characters and cultural adaptation. Stories about attempting to find her niche on ‘Old Toad”, as well as seeking a mate for both herself and a friend are hilarious, as are her contemplations about aging and life in general.

Publisher Review: “Another engaging and humorous tale by best-selling author Sheila Carnegie whose storytelling is exceptional. This second tale of the woes of Esmerelda in real-life adventures is related in Esmerelda’s unique and embellished style. It will bring joy to your soul and laughter to your heart. Five stars for sure!” –Jan Myers, CEO of LJM Publishing.  
Amazon Reader Review: “I laughed until I nearly cried. Sheila’s writing is so clear that I can almost see the action unfolding.”
About the Book: Tales From Old Toad Island is 260 pages of laughter as Esmerelda tells it like nobody can.  Anyone who lives in or has visited the BC Gulf Islands, Canada, or perhaps their counterparts off the West Coast of the USA, will delight in Tales from Old Toad Island as the book speaks of local color and the peculiarities of life on many of the islands in the Georgia Strait. The book sells in paperback on Amazon for $11.97 and will soon be available in bookstores. As an ebook, Tales From Old Toad Island can be purchased at for $5.97. Using the Amazon Reading App, the book can be read on any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

About the Author:  Sheila Carnegie is a retired educator and human resources consultant who seeks the best in others. She has written and published three best-selling books. She currently resides in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, and in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.

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