Abhaya Holistic Center in its commitment to society of Miami offers a Kundalini Yoga studio located at 2490 Coral Way Miami 33145, Phone: (305) 794 37 09.

Taking the principle that Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Consciousness, we faithful use the origin and lineage Yogi Bhajan gave us.
The purpose of Our Mission is to bring comprehensive welfare to every person wishing to develop conscious, happy, living in harmony with his being, and become a person that inspires.

Abhaya Holistic Center Provides Kundalini Yoga class. This ancient practice developed in India over 2500 years ago and is recognized as the mother of all yogas. Kundalini Yoga is the science that allows us access to holistic wellness.

We all need to consciously develop clear and harmonic communication with our environment; establish healthy relationships, with no stress, to be vital in line with our cycle and lifestyle, with full self-acceptance and self-respect. Understand our environment from a higher degree of human development, is the consequence of this practice.

Abhaya Holistic Center invites Regular Classes of Kundalini Yoga for all ages in order to create healthier people, with flexible bodies and minds, with the ability to lead and develop empowerment through a clear heightened awareness and more creative mind, according with its purest and most authentic desires.

Abhaya Holistic Center offers classes Kundalini Yoga addressed to entrepreneurs, executives, managers and professionals. They are a pivotal axis in our social organization. In developing the creative consciousness and health, they will be more effective in their performance; establish authentic relationships at work and personally; they will effectively manage stress and improve their moods. All this will be reflected in the welfare of their homes, and raise the quality of life.

"You can be a person of high level"

Kundalini Yoga for Conscious Pregnancy in Abhaya Holistic Center proposes Regular Classes and Saturday Workshops. "Having children is very different from raising children", integrate in the waiting process! Our work is with the mother and father. Pregnancy is on two, the man also has an important place in this transformational stage. The change of new roles, from being husbands and partners, to become mother and father, guides and outfitters, creates a range of emotions and obligations at a personal level requiring attention and deeper work, practicing and doing yoga, uniting body, mind and soul to receive the baby with love and complete happiness.

"Be flexible, Be like a tree well rooted to the land that remains stable but also has branches that move with the wind," "Yogi Bhajan"

Another very important service is the practice of Aquarian Sadhana. Every day at 4:30 am. We come together in spirit, body and mind to infinity. This practice is of extraordinary benefit. "Voluntary donation." We prepare ourselves to serve the universe and the universe also serves us. "

Art in Yoga is a workshop designed to awaken your creativity. Develops security and self-confidence, and connects you to your own potential. Kundalini Yoga gives you the balance to explore your being with its own language, making you lovingly aware of the wonderful person you are. RECREATE through visual art is our tool.
"You paint for you from the inmost".

These workshops are aimed at the general public, including special children.

Abhaya Holistic Center will eventually offer Saturday workshops Sat Nam Rasayan. This is the name of the healing technique of Kundalini Yoga. It was developed in India and used only and only by a group of ancient yogis. It is very powerful and was kept secret for thousands of years until Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West.

Abhaya Holistic Center will hosts events with healers to work directly with people with health problems of all kinds. In Alternative Medicine also we have attention Floral Therapy and Reiki.

In our installation we provide massage service from different disciplines to keep stress-free, healthy and happy, such as Thai Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish Massage and Deep Tisue. These activities are offered by appointment.

At our boutique you can find all the necessary equipment for yoga practice and development: mats, saleas, books and other items that concern us on wellness and holistic health. But the real pieces are malas and bracelets with Sat Nam Rasayan intentioned for healing and work very human aspects as abundance, love, peace, cleansing organs and systems, align and increase energy and cleaning the chakras. They are jewels made of Precious and semiprecious stones, 14K gold and silver of the best quality, or natural materials such as coral, rudrakshas, sea shells and crystals.

Thus Abhaya Holistic Center is ready to serve the entire community of Miami. And Yes, if health and wellness is about, count on us.


Company: Abhaya Holistic Center
Phone:(305) 794 37 09
Website: http://www.abhayacenter.com/
Miami, Florida, USA
Submitted by: Jamie White
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