Readers are invited to discover the beauty and celebrate the wonders of life, and everything in between in this honest, delightful, and refreshing read that touches all human emotions.

Orange City, CA (Release Date) With honesty and candor, author Stephen Dodds takes readers on a thought-provoking and stimulating ride in life, and everything in between. This book lets readers look through a magnifying glass at all aspects of life. It talks about living life to the fullest and living in the moment. It speaks of tackling challenges head-on, dealing with diversity, celebrating success albeit big or small, and ccepting humanity in all forms, colors, shapes, and beliefs. It‘s about taking responsibility for self and others, sharing ideas, and reveling in diversity, to make the world a much better place.

Real and heartfelt, life, and everything in between touches and covers all of human emotions. It is full of social conscience compelling readers to rethink how they view and treat life. With a myriad of subjects being discussed—from 9/11, addiction, prejudice, child obesity, the environment, hope, despair, to laughter, and more—this book guarantees a pleasurable and delightful reading time for young and old alike. Both cleverly written and very well put together, it‘s a perfect combination of metaphorical poetry, famous quotes, and complementing illustrations.

life, and everything in between is a wonderful read for anyone who truly lives and loves life. This book is available online and can be purchased through or

About the Author
Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1961 and now sharing his time between California, USA and Toronto, Canada, Stephen Dodds holds a BA and an MBA in Business from Seattle Pacific, Graduate School in Washington. He is also founder and CEO of Pro-Cure Synergy Solutions, a company created as a way to bring together like-minded parties from around the world who share synergistic ideas and commonalities, all working together toward mutual reward whose main focus surround projects that are environmentally conscious. He is the published author of this critically acclaimed motivational book of short poems aptly named, life, and everything in between, a book steeped in metaphor, forward thinking, yet grounded by good old-fashioned common sense.