02, May 2016: If you are still wondering what is Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter, you are behind the times. But don’t worry, here is the brief introduction for this gadget. Simply, Airwheel Z5 electric scooter is an intelligent transporting equipment for replacing walking. Mini and cute shape, simple and decent design and green and clean energy, Airwheel Z5 electric scooter for adults is appropriate for short distance trip. For example, you can ride it to go to work, go to park or visit friends.

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And you may ask what the advantages for riding Z5 electric scooter is. You will be shocked after hearing the following examples. For people who always drive a car, they need to use gasoline, find parking place and frequently get stuck in traffic. At this moment, it is clear that Z5 standing up electric scooter is not only economic but also environmental.


Several parts of Z5 electric scooter can be folded so that they can be carried into the elevators, buses, subways or car trunk and even be kept under your office desk. Even if you do not fold it, you will not worry about parking it due to its small volume. When you are unlucky to be trapped into the traffic jam, Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults can easily help you cross the crowded cars and people.


Or maybe you need to go to work by bus and sometimes you have to wait for a long time before the bus comes. It may too hot or extremely freezing waiting in the bus station. How it will be after you have an electric scooter like Z5 fast electric scooter? You will never waste the time in waiting the bus any more. In a word, do not let the traffic congestion brother you and stay with Airwheel Z5 electric standing scooter, you will live a life full of enthusiasm and interest!

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