USA; 26, January 2016: Complexities and stress associated with living in the 21st cent is leading to proliferation of several lifestyle diseases and disorders, some of which are taking a huge toll on lives. For this reason, dependence on natural remedies, health and dietary supplements are increasing with every passing day. Nowadays, an endless range of herbal products, vitamin oil supplements and products, whose ingredients have been sourced from herbs and plants, are available online. Live is a frontline e-commerce portal that inventories and retails a wide array of products formulated from pine needle oil, sea minerals, cow milk, wild fermented plants, and extracted enzymes.

Live also retails in supplements and products processed from Japanese red pine oil, skate fish liver oil, and fat extracted from cows grazing on long green grass. The products are available in capsule, fermented oil, and salted forms and a majority of these are sold under the brand name of ‘green pasture’. One can place an online order or orders for pine needle products, Japanese red pine oil supplements, butter oil products, liver oil capsules, sea minerals salts, and pine needle oil products.

Each and every product ordered from the online shop of Live has been blended from naturally occurring organic and vegetative elements. This in effect implies that consumption of the formulations will not have any side effects. As a matter of fact these preparations are highly recommended if one is stay in the pink of health throughout lifetime. For instance, the ‘Green Pasteurs X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil’ retailed in bottles contains centrifuged butter oil, and natural flavors is endowed with vitamins K and E and CoQ enzymes. Regular consumption of this supplement will keep one energetic throughout the day as well as keep one healthy both physically and mentally. Then again, the Wild Crafted Red Pine Needle Oil bottle containing a total of 120 capsules has been prepared from the oil of pine trees thriving in the high altitude zones and mountainous regions. Habitual consumption of these pills keeps the blood pressure under control, increases RBC count of blood as well as purifies it. The capsule also promotes metabolism, helps in digestion, prevents obesity, and keeps the thyroid gland functioning perfectly.

Miracle salt & Mineral Alkalinity Balancer 9.5Ph is another unique formulation from Live that requires three years to produce as the process entails filtering out impurities from sea salt. This product is suggested to be used for diseases related to tooth, root of tooth, throat, gums, and mouth. It can also be partaken for disorders associated with the skin, eye, nose, ear, and stomach, and also for hemorrhoids, simple cuts, bruises, burns, and lacerations. Products can be ordered directly from the website of Live and payment can be made via Visa, PayPal, Amex, and MasterCard credit cards.

About Live

Live is a prominent e-commerce site inventorying and retailing a plethora of products made from pine oil, pine needle, dairy milk, sea salt, and dietary supplements.