29, February 2016: Blair likes his Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5 a great deal. He brings it with him almost every day. He rides it to work and home. At times, he rides it for shopping. Even he cycles to the outdoors. Why Does Blair like the intelligent self-balancing scooter to such extent? According to Blair, he sees the design in Airwheel S5, especially these caring design such as the wing, the bumper, the sign light and so forth.


Airwheel positioned the intelligent self-balancing scooter S5 as the personal ATV, thereby equipping it with a wing in the front. The front-amounted wing comes in handy, notably in the rainy day. Since Airwheel S5 is positioned as the personal ATV, it must be used on the tough terrains except for these even paths. It might be used on the rocky track, the bumpy section or the dirt road. Blair says that the common intelligent self-balancing scooter is usually spattered with the dirty water when it passes the road fraught of puddles. Airwheel S5 is the opposite. When it runs past the puddles, its wing effectively prevents Airwheel S5 from muddy water, protecting Airwheel S5 from the water permeating the shell. If the water permeates the shell, the inner circuit might be marred seriously. In the extreme case, it is possible to blow up.


In terms of safety, Airwheel did much for Airwheel S5. Airwheel amounted the bumper onto the Airwheel S5. With the bumper, even if S5 hits the barrier, the bumper will serve as a cushion, buffering the outside impact. At night, Airwheel S5 is equipped with the sign lights on the both sides, offering sufficient illumination for the safe ride. Another improvement in size compare with S3 is that the shaft of Airwheel electric scooter S5 can pack away. Thereby Airwheel S5 can be put into the boot of the private car of Blair. Just on that account, Blair often brings it for a long trip.

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