Transporting liquid cargo has to be done with great care. A liquid bulk packaging system is essential for maintaining products safe during shipment. New advances in packaging technology have made it possible for companies to safely transport liquid products while improving the overall efficiency of shipping operations.

Not all packaging systems offer the same benefits. For example, metal and plastic containers, which are the traditional choice in shipping, are very durable but they need constant maintenance in order to be suitable for use for a long time. In recent years, packaging experts have oriented towards new types of materials which can be used in shipping. Thus, the liquid bulk container appeared in the packaging industry. This type of container is made out of heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard. Cardboard may not seem like a material fit for shipping, but tests have shown that the right design can solidify its structure, making it highly resistant and reliable in shipping. Corrugated and laminated cardboard can cope excellently with rough handling. Moreover, a liquid bulk container is easier to operate. Being much lighter, it can be manipulated and transported without effort. This means that workers will have an easier job filling, moving, loading and unloading liquid freight. The container can be set up very fast; a skilled worker can prepare the structure for filling in no more than a minute. Thus, the liquid bulk packaging system will increase your worker’s productivity and will save you lots of time in shipment operations.

The liquid bulk container can be reused after shipping, or, if you want to reduce costs with shipping back empty units, you can simply dispose of them. In fact, the liquid bulk packaging system was designed to bring companies important financial advantages. The containers themselves, bought in bulk, are fairly cheap, so any company can afford them. Metal and plastic containers, although more durable, come with many expenses: they must be returned after shipment, they must be stored in warehouses, they must be reconditioned and maintained appropriately. With the liquid bulk packaging system, these problems are gone. Since the liquid bulk container can be disposed of once the freight has been delivered, there are no more costs regarding maintenance. The liquid bulk packaging system is particularly useful for those companies which only ship liquid products occasionally, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a cost-effective solution for companies which have permanent shipping needs.

Corrugated cardboard is a much better option than metal or plastic, especially if you’re fearful regarding contamination. Being made out of natural materials, these containers eliminate all contamination risks. Of course, only non-hazardous liquids can be transferred in these containers. Beverages and soft chemicals can be safely transported in cardboard totes. The totes are made in conformity with all health and safety standards, so they pose no threat to people or the environment. They’re safe, reliable, resistant and, most importantly, they’re a cost-effective alternative for companies.
The new liquid bulk packaging system is very reliable and resistant. Liquid products can be shipped in excellent condition using a liquid bulk container .