For any company selling goods, shipping expenses can be pretty high, especially when this activity is done on a permanent basis. Like any business owner, you’re probably trying everything you can to reduce these costs. So, besides finding cheap transportation, what else can you do to minimize shipping expenses? Liquid packaging totes will provide the answer.

Heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard liquid packaging systems have revolutionized shipping. Until recently, metal and plastic drums were used in all product shipment because these provided safe transport conditions. But recent technical developments have made it possible to produce strong cardboard containers which can efficiently retain liquids during transportation. While it’s true that metal and plastic containers are resistant and durable, being an optimal choice in shipping, liquid packaging totes can also provide great resistance, even when roughly handled. Moreover, because cardboard is more flexible and lighter than heavy metal alloys and plastic, it can be easily handled by workers. Therefore, operating liquid packaging systems is much simpler than using heavier recipients. It only takes a skilled worker 1 minute to set up the container and prepare it for filling, so by using liquid packaging totes productivity can be boosted considerably. Isn’t this what every business owner wants?

There are other benefits to using liquid packaging systems. These can safely store non-hazardous liquids or light chemicals, without producing contamination. Cardboard is a natural material in the green category, so this alternative is safe for people and the environment. Liquid packaging totes are designed to be disposed of, but if you choose, you can reuse them. With these totes there is no product waste because they can seal liquids tightly; therefore, no spills, leaks and splashes can ruin the shipment process. Additionally, liquid packaging totes come with different flexible liquid liners, which diversify the range of product applications. Should you need something more resistant, you can choose a model which has a cage feature, for extra protection. These liquid packaging systems are designed to minimize setup time, but also to improve handling and filling procedures. Moreover, the volume of liquid a packaging unit can store is quite remarkable: a 53’ truck can store 700 of these containers!

If the arguments we spoke of so far have not yet convinced you about the benefits of using these containers, then look at the financial advantages: cardboard totes are commercialized cheaply, so buying them in bulk will allow you to make important economies. In addition to that, there is no maintenance! With corrugated cardboard totes, you will have no cleaning responsibilities. In fact, if you choose, you can dispose of these containers; they were created for this specific purpose, so as to reduce companies’ costs with shipping. Traditional stainless steel containers have to shipped back and stored in a warehouse until the next use, but with cardboard totes these expenses are gone. Therefore, if you want a cost-effective solution for business, without compromising the safety of your freight, your best alternative is buying disposable totes.
Choose liquid packaging systems ! Liquid packaging totes are reliable, easy to handle and need no maintenance or reconditioning.