Lionesse Company recently launched an innovative professional salon grade flat iron straightener on their website  This hair straightening device uses advance ceramic tourmaline technology unlike most of the other products that are available out there. This allows better styling, quicker hair straightening and minimum heat damage. Its superior design is likely to be well received by people who want to get professional hair styling results simply from the comfort of their own home.

Ceramic tourmaline technology uses a highly developed combination of a coating of tourmaline and ceramic plates. There are a lot of benefits to this technology. The best options available for heated flat irons are ceramic plates. And unlike the other equipments, flat irons with ceramic plates will not tug or pull hair as it passes through the irons. it is also responsible for quick distribution of heat and do not take long to heat up. This means that less ironing is required to straighten the hair and this reduces the probability for heat damage.

The advantage of this innovative ceramic tourmaline technology is that it helps in the process of hair smoothing. Tourmaline is basically a crystal boron silicate mineral which sends off negative ions to counterbalance positive ions which lead to frizzy, dry hair. This technology has the additional benefit of locking in moisture and this keeps the hair healthy.

Sadly, a lot of products claiming to be of ceramic tourmaline technology do not provide the high quality straightening results. This is because most of these products have their plates covered only with a thin layer of tourmaline and ceramic. These products do not deliver the even heating and various other advantages that are associated with superior salon grade flat irons. The lionesse flat iron offers an authentic superior quality product and will provide the same results as anticipated from a hairstylist.  For more information please visit

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