LinkXEE has come out with a Google Chrome extension that allows users of the Google Chrome browser to keep and share their favorite links online.

(December 13, 2016) - Adding and sharing of links has become a favorite pastime for many online users. It is often also important for professional purposes. Online users often find it boring and time consuming to share good content that they come across on the web with the help of social networking websites. LinkXEE is an easier solution to do so. The website has recently launched its own extension for Google Chrome browser users, which makes addition and sharing of worthwhile content easier.

Sharing links online is not a problem anymore with the new extension. It is available on the Chrome web store and is free to download. One can simply visit the page of the extension on the store and click on the button “Add to Chrome”. The extension is added to the browser within seconds, and it becomes instantly operational.

Link sharing with friends is easy thereafter. Google Chrome users have to click on the icon of the just added extension, and fill in the details for email and password in the given window. Once this is done, they can easily share any URL of their choice to friends either through their public profile or privately by adding them as collaborators.

Even when it comes to sharing collections, the extension can be very useful. It is right there on the right hand side of the browser, waiting to do its job whenever needed. Users can easily share entire collections of links, manage them and keep track of them for all times. There has not been an easier way to share URLs as LinkXEE is here to facilitate the whole process.

About LinkXEE
LinkXEE is a website that makes it easy for online users to add and share the links of their choice to friends and others. It lets users keep all their favorite links in proper order.

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