(Free Press Release) Get high quality and low cost linear and non linear finite element analysis services at FEA outsourcing.

At FEA outsourcing, we have high skilled FEA consulting engineers and have many extensive experiences in providing linear and non linear analysis for both metallic and composite structures. Linear and Non-linear Analysis is the backbone of any type of structural or mechanical analysis of a highly stressed structure.

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Finite Element Analysis mainly includes:

• Linear stress and deflection analysis
• Failure analysis
• Static or Dynamic Linear vibration analysis

Non linear FEA analysis are very important in almost all mechanical phenomena and so it is include in structural analysis of any mechanical product or components. We use software for FEA analysis such as ANSYS, SolidWorks, Cosmos, Hyper Mesh, Nastran, CFX and LS Dyna for simulation purpose, according to the client‘s requirements.

Our Areas of Expertise in Non-Linear Analysis Include:

• Material failure
• Material creep test
• Hyper elasticity
• Elevated temperature simulation
• Non-linear vibration analysis
• Large deformation simulation
• Non-linear stress analysis
• Deflection analysis
• Multi body dynamics simulation
• Plasticity
• Material contact analysis
• Structural failure prediction
• Structural and Design optimization

Linear analysis helps in analysing the stress, strain, elasticity modulus, and deformation behaviour of a component.

Use our linear and non linear services to optimize your product design and reduce cost and time-to-market of your product. Also, save on excessive material costs & cycle time and eradicate noise & fatigue failure by implementing our practical and optimized design solutions.

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