Limoscanner, a new ride service company, hopes to revive the American ride with a new website and service that makes requesting a ride for business or pleasure - convenient, safe and predictable with qualified drivers, all while supporting local cab and limo businesses.

United States of America, 30 December, 2015: The two factors that worked in favour of Uber and similar companies were their fast-paced service and convenience. Cars which best suit their purpose as well as profit range, can be booked with ease using a comprehensive app. The cab is at their service within less than five minutes. A charged credit card acts as the substitute of money, freeing one of the burdens of going through a long itemized bill during payment, after a long day.

However, the ride is not hassle free. Although Uber terms safety as its first priority, on numerous occasions, have the clients faced situations which defy the company’s claims. Incidents have occurred where Uber’s clients have been misled or ill-treated by drivers, who are often inexperienced. A ride to the airport, or to the hotel for someone new in the city, becomes a headache. The professional drivers of the local cab companies or limo could provide one with a much more pleasant and relaxed experienced.

However, a professional chauffer driven car hasn’t lost its charm. It just needs the aid of technology. That’s what Limoscanner has come up with. It brings a user-friendly for limousine or local cab reservations. As soon as the user provides the relevant information from his end, requests are sent to multiple vendors. The quotes sent by them are forwarded to the user, who can then choose the deal that is best for him. "It is a win-win situation, says the Executive director Nikita Osharov, on one side the passenger gets the best deal without having to spend much time, on the other side local town-car and limo companies get the business they deserve".

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