A new service from Likes Luv allows users to buy likes on Facebook. Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site on the internet with accounts closing in on one billion in total. For online businesses looking to reach more customers, Facebook likes is a proven method.

A Facebook “like” is where followers of a Facebook page show approval for a particular post without having to make a comment. When a post is “liked” by a person, it appears on their Facebook page so their friends can view it as well. For online businesses, a Facebook like can help spread the word about a particular product or service by a business. Furthermore, a Facebook like can also tell others about a particular business that they otherwise might never know.

For online businesses, the advantage of cheap Facebook likes is that it jump-starts a particular post and helps it to get noticed by others. One of the most proven methods to get Facebook likes is by having plenty of “likes” already on the post itself. Likes Luv offers four packages of Facebook likes;

- Likable: 1,000 Facebook Likes
- Popular: 3,000 Facebook Likes
- Famous: 5,000 Facebook Likes
- Legendary: 10,000 Facebook Likes

Likes Luv provides variety in their Facebook Likes packages to allow online businesses to tailor their “likes” to fit their particular needs. If you're interested in learning more about Likes Luv and how to get alot of likes on Facebook, feel free to visit LikesLuv.com

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